This is WWB

Every day, we strive to simplify, ease, and make postpartum care as effective and reliable as possible for as many mothers as we can. It's our mission, our passion, and why we do what we do. So, as you're here reading this, know that it's all about ensuring postpartum and the products designed for mums during this time are genuinely supportive, accessible, and trustworthy.

No time for products that don't work.

Every product is developed by our expert team who know exactly what is needed accelerate healing in all aspects of your postpartum.

We were sick of products 'claiming' to work without any concrete evidence.

No pseudo-science or nonsense

We're sick of products with obsurd claims. We're sick of unprofessional individuals developing products without science or degrees. We're real experts with real degrees.

Not just products

We think buying products and not understanding how to effectively use them is like buying a car, and not knowing how to drive. Pretty useless!

All of our kits come with guides and instructions to further enhance your recovery.