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Peri-Cap - Peri Bottle

Peri-Cap - Peri Bottle

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Introducing the Peri-Cap

Embrace the unpredictable journey of childbirth without breaking the bank! Why invest in costly peri bottles that might go unused, especially if your birth plan takes an unexpected turn, such as a c-section?

Our innovative attachment is designed to be your budget-friendly solution, delivering the same benefits as traditional peri bottles without the hefty price tag. With the Peri-Cap, you can confidently pack light for your hospital stay, as it won't occupy precious space in your bag.

Stay prepared, stay practical, and prioritise your comfort during this life-changing moment. Peri-Cap - your reliable partner for a more affordable and space-efficient birthing journey. Embrace comfort without compromise.



2x Silicone Scar Strip

Silicone Gel 20ml

Scar Oil 30ml

Micropore Tape

Detailed Instructions


Silicone Gel: 100% Medical Grade Silicone Gel

Scar Oil: (92.10% Certified Organic Ingredients)*CamelliaOil,*ApricotKernelOil,*SafflowerOil,*JojobaOil,*MacadamiaOil,AvocadoVirginOil,AlmondSweetVirginOil,*GrapeSeedOil,SeaBuckthornOil,RoseGeraniumEssentialOil,MandarinColdPressedEssentialOil,VitaminE-Natural,JuniperBerryHimalayanEssentialOil,PetitgrainEssentialOil.*DenotesCertifiedOrganic


Only to be used once wound is healed and sealed

Do not use on open, infected or irritated skin

Discontinue use if allergic reaction occurs, skin irritation or discomfort

Always consult your healthcare professional if concerned

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Understanding your Scar

A caesarean section is a major abdominal surgery, where 7 layers are cut to birth your baby. These layers are then sutured back up together, leaving behind thick adhesive scar tissue. This scar tissue can leave the skin indented, raised, red, uncomfortable and sometimes with a 'shelf' like appearance.

  • 100% Medical Grade

  • Prevent & Manage Scars

  • Resusable & Durable

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