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Perineal Recovery Kit

Perineal Recovery Kit

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We've been on a mission, pouring dedication and innovation into a solution that's poised to redefine your postpartum journey. Get ready to embrace comfort, conquer challenges, and step into a new realm of confidence with our transformative Perineal Recovery Kit.

🔷 Have you triumphed over the hurdles of an episiotomy? 🔷

🛑 Wave farewell to discomfort! 🛑 Say goodbye to those persistent pains at the incision site. Our revolutionary Perineal Recovery Kit is meticulously designed to melt away discomfort, empowering you to move freely, sit without reservation, and embrace your vibrant lifestyle.

🏃‍♀️ Reclaim your active life! 🏃‍♀️ No more being held back by pain during workouts or activities. Our kit is engineered to be your partner, whether you're at the gym, chasing adventures, or simply engaging in daily life. Regain your vitality and feel the exhilaration of living unbounded!

🌹 Rediscover intimacy! 🌹 Intimacy is an integral part of life, and our Perineal Recovery Kit ensures that you won't miss a beat. With newfound comfort, enjoy intimate moments without discomfort or hesitation, forging connections that are genuine and uninhibited.

💖 Witness the miraculous evolution of your scar! 💖 Empowered by expert guidance and real-life journeys, our step-by-step eBook is pure magic. Transform your scar from a reminder to a testament of strength. The Perineal Recovery Kit's groundbreaking approach minimizes scar thickening and adhesions.

📖 The stories of success speak volumes! 📖 Countless real-life mamas, just like you, have followed our step-by-step eBook and witnessed astounding results. Now it's your turn to embark on this transformational voyage and celebrate your empowerment.


2x Silicone Scar Strip

Silicone Gel 20ml

Scar Oil 30ml

Micropore Tape

Detailed Instructions


Silicone Gel: 100% Medical Grade Silicone Gel

Scar Oil: (92.10% Certified Organic Ingredients)*CamelliaOil,*ApricotKernelOil,*SafflowerOil,*JojobaOil,*MacadamiaOil,AvocadoVirginOil,AlmondSweetVirginOil,*GrapeSeedOil,SeaBuckthornOil,RoseGeraniumEssentialOil,MandarinColdPressedEssentialOil,VitaminE-Natural,JuniperBerryHimalayanEssentialOil,PetitgrainEssentialOil.*DenotesCertifiedOrganic


Only to be used once wound is healed and sealed

Do not use on open, infected or irritated skin

Discontinue use if allergic reaction occurs, skin irritation or discomfort

Always consult your healthcare professional if concerned

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Understanding your Scar

A caesarean section is a major abdominal surgery, where 7 layers are cut to birth your baby. These layers are then sutured back up together, leaving behind thick adhesive scar tissue. This scar tissue can leave the skin indented, raised, red, uncomfortable and sometimes with a 'shelf' like appearance.

  • 100% Medical Grade

  • Prevent & Manage Scars

  • Resusable & Durable

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