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Csection Scar Recovery Kit 2.0

Csection Scar Recovery Kit 2.0

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Welcome to our 'Best Seller' Csection Scar Recovery Kit.

This kit was carefully constructed with evidence-based products that work to promote healing, improve appearance of scars and manage that c-section shelf/pouch look. 

This kit is simple to use; with ease of access to our 24page eBook via your device, you have your own Women's Health Physiotherapist right at your fingertips - guiding you every step of the way. 


PLEASE NOTE: this C-section Kit is our NEWEST Kit - some of our wholesalers may still have our previous kit.  Please ensure you look at their product closely prior to ordering. 


2x Silicone Scar Strips

Nourish Scar Oil 45ml

Micropore Tape

Cscrapper - Gua Sha

C-Cup Device

Reusable Heat-Gel Pack

Scar Appearance Progression Chart

24pg eBook accesible on device (step-by-step instructions)


Silicone Strips: silicone gel and polydimethylsiloxane film.

Scar Oil: Sunflower Seed Oil, Rice Bran Oil, Caprylic Capris Triglyceride, Polysorbate 85, Tocopherol (Vitamin E), Organe Sweet, Cedarwood Atlas, Lavender, Bergamot, Vetiver & Chamomile Roman Essential Oils


Only to be used once wound is healed and sealed

Do not use on open, infected or irritated skin

Discontinue use if allergic reaction occurs, skin irritation or discomfort

Always consult your healthcare professional if concerned

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  • Scar Progression Chart

    Hold the scar progression chart to your scar, tick the respective box that closely represents the colour of your scar before commencing.

  • Download your eBook

    Use the QR code to download the eBook PDF straight onto your device. This contains all your instructions and massage guide.

  • Apply your Silicone Scar Strip

    Place directly on top of your C-secion Scar. Remove for Showers, Swimming, Baths & Massage.

  • Gel-Heat Pack

    Use the heatpack provided to warm the scar prior to commencing massage, or whenever you may be experiencing any discomfort.

  • Massage your Scar

    Use the Nourish Scar Oil provided to perform your c-section massage. Follow your eBook guide.

  • Scar Tools

    Use the tools provided to further enhance and progress your scar release.

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Silicone Strips

Silicone is the gold standard approach within the health professional world for management of scars. Silicone is known to reduce appearance and texture of scars, whilst providing a barrier to prevent moisture escaping - reducing the chance of keloid scars.

Nourish Oil

Oil is an important elemnt for massaging, it provides a medium to work with that won't irritate your skin or need reapplying throughout.

Gel-Heat Pack

Scar Tools

Our Gua Sha & C-Cup devices are known for promoting circulation & lymphatic drainage, whilst also releasing the adhesive scar tissue below.


Our ebook contains 24 pages of in-depth information, steps and advice from our Women's Health Physiotherapist. With week by week guidance, you can confidently massage your scar.

Understanding your Scar

A caesarean section is a major abdominal surgery, where 7 layers are cut to birth your baby. These layers are then sutured back up together, leaving behind thick adhesive scar tissue. This scar tissue can leave the skin indented, raised, red, uncomfortable and sometimes with a 'shelf' like appearance.