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SilverNips - Sterling Silver Nipple Caps

SilverNips - Sterling Silver Nipple Caps

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Many people don’t realise that Silver (925) can be used to promote healing, especially for wounds (such as cracked, sore nipples). The silver properties provide mothers with antimicrobial, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal benefits.


2x 925 Sterling Silver Nipple Caps (Silvernips)

10x Hydrogel Compresses (HydroNips)

Detailed Instructions


SilverNips: 925 Sterling Silver

HydroNips: Water, Glycol, Polymer


Always read the label.

Follow the directions of use.

If symptoms persist please talk to your health professionals.

Extra care should be taken when using with cracked nipples or a fungal infection.

No not use if sensitive to propylene glycol.

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  • SilverNips

    Reusable | Soothing | 925 Sterling Silver | Aid Faster Recovery | Use in Freezer for added benefit

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